Samsung U Flex Earbuds Review

In-ear headphones are portable and easy-to-use, and this is why many people prefer them over other types of headphones.  Besides from that, these headphones are usually a cheaper alternative, so you can save some money.

Samsung U Flex Earbuds Overview

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Samsung U Flex Earbuds

In this Samsung U Flex review, you will find out more about the design, features, and performance of the Samsung U Flex headphones. So, let’s see a bit more about the headphones.


The Samsung U Flex headphones look like your regular in-ear headphones for the most part. They come in black or white colour, and they have two slim cables that run up to the headphone earbuds. However, these headphones also have a neckband and an integrated microphone. This makes them stand out from a lot of headphones available on the market.

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Samsung U Flex EarbudsThe design of the Samsung U Flex provides you with the comfort and flexibility that you need while using them. The neckband is very flexible, doesn’t feel uncomfortable on your neck, and can be folded like the rest of the headphones. Their earbuds also feel very comfortable in the ear, are pretty breathable, and don’t fall off the ear easily. Furthermore, the cables on the headphones have a good length, and you will be able to move your head freely while enjoying your music

These headphones are also foldable. Therefore, you won’t have an issue to take them anywhere you want with you. They don’t come with a protective pouch, but they can easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

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When it comes to durability, the Samsung U Flex headphones are pretty durable. All of their parts are made of durable materials that are very unlikely to get damaged. We can say that Samsung found the balance between durability and flexibility when it comes to the Samsung U Flex.


Bluetooth Сonnectivity

The Samsung U Flex headphones are a wireless pair of headphones. You can easily connect them to your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy a connection range of 40ft. As you can see, flexibility is the focus for these headphones even when it comes to connectivity.

U Flex Active key

This pair of headphones has a U Flex Active key. This key is actually a button which you can use to communicate with the Bixby virtual assistant.

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You can also use this button to access timers, S Voice, and other functions without taking your phone out of your pocket. This is very convenient while you’re running, working out, or doing something else and are unable to use your phone.


These headphones come with an integrated microphone, and you can call people and answer calls with them. This means that you will not need to take the headphones off when talking to people on the phone. Therefore, you’ll be able to continue doing your activities and be in call at the same time.

Samsung U Flex EarbudsBattery

The Samsung U Flex have a battery that’s rechargeable, and the charger for the battery is included in the box. The charging time for the headphones it about 1.8 hours. Furthermore, these headphones also have a great battery life of 11.5 hours.

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Not only do these headphones have a great battery life, but they can also be used while being charged. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the sounds of your favourite tracks or movies nonstop during the day.

Samsung Level App

The headphones work with the Samsung Level App which is available on the Samsung and Android phones. You can use this app to equalize the sound, enrich it with effects, adjust the volume, etc. However, the Samsung Level App works better with the Samsung phones than with other Android.


There’s no point in buying headphones if they sound bad. Luckily, the Samsung U Flex sound really good for their price. Also, the headphones do very well at listening to your commands and they will give you the right feedback. These affordable headphones really bring a good bang for the buck.

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When it comes to the sound they produce, the Samsung U Flex offer you a bit more than the average headphones. These headphones have a pretty balanced frequency response range and a balance sound imaging.

Furthermore, these headphones offer you a good bass. Even though the bass is not as punchy as on some other headphone models, it is not muddy, but clear and detailed. Also, even though the bass is a bit soft, it does balance very well with the rest of the sounds.

Samsung U Flex EarbudsThe mids on the Samsung U Flex are decently deep and detailed. They are very clear and they do sound somewhat warm.

When it comes to the treble, the headphones do a good job in that end of the frequency response as well. The treble on the Samsung U Flex sounds crisp and clear. Unfortunately, there are certain moments when it can sound a bit harsh to the ears. However, this is rare and usually happens when the volume is turned to maximum.

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As we mentioned earlier, this pair of headphones are easy to operate and will give you a good sound quality. The control buttons are easy to press on and easy to reach, and they will do the things you want them to do.

Overall, the Samsung U Flex headphones offer you good sound quality and a smooth operation.


  • Good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Flexible, comfortable, portable
  • Integrated microphone
  • Samsung Level App

  • Weak noise reduction


The Samsung U Flex headphones are a good choice for you if you want to get good sound quality, flexibility, and durability. The fact that these headphones come at such an affordable price also makes them worth considering.

We hope that this review helps with your hunt for a good pair of headphones. If you feel the Samsung U Flex might suit your needs, you should think about getting a pair for yourself.

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