Harman Kardon vs Bose

If you’re someone who enjoys good audio, then you’ve probably heard of these two audio manufacturers. Today we’ve got a little comparison between Harman Kardon vs Bose. Both companies are outstanding audio manufacturers. However we’ll have a closer look and we’ll find out their strengths and weaknesses better. So if you’ve been torn between a decision on whether to buy from one or the other, stay tuned. You’ll surely find out something that will help you in your decision.

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Taking into consideration that they are both in the same price range, it is vital to get to know more in order to get the perfect product that fits your needs. At the same time it’s important to get the best value for money you can. With that being said, let’s get on with it.

1. Harman Kardon

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Harman Kardon

First up we’ll have a look at Harman Kardon. They are a company that manufacturers well designed and classy audio products. Their whole reputation is build around that, everything about Harman Kardon audio is just classy.

Even thought they produce nearly anything connected to audio, their main domain and how they got there fame was with the production of receivers and speakers. It is also important to mention that this company also owns JBL, AKG and Infinity.

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Harman KordonIt is safe to say that nearly half the audio market is covered by Harman Kardon. Their sound quality is unmatched in their price category. Their speakers are characterized with having a stylish design and a dynamic, full sound. That is topped off with detailed and defined audio across all spectrum of all frequencies. To have a closer look, we’ve broken it down and we’ll have a closer look at a few characteristics.


All of their speakers are evaluated for their audio. Harman Kardon is known for doing revolutionary work in the field of audio. All of their products deliver rich and high detailed sound, to suit all types of genres.

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Harman Kardon always try to include as many features as possible to get your money worth when buying one of their products. These include: iPod dock, wireless connection, battery bank or an integral mic. All of these have their perks.

Value for Money

Harman Kardon falls into the mid to higher price category, However you always get your money worth, whether that be through the powerful and detailed audio or the sublime and classy design.


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This is probably what Harman Kardon are the best at. They are extremely good in this area to a point where their products look like a piece of art. Making it extremely easy for them to fit into your room décor.

2. Bose

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10

It’s time to have a closer look at what Bose has to offer. Bose is a great audio manufacturer, that produces durable products while maintaining a quality sound. Even though they produce nearly everything related to audio, they are most known for their sound systems and lately they took a closer look at developing headphones for exercise. Trying to make the most of it and combine exercise and entertainment.

That is probably the most challenging part of their work, making a pair of earbuds that will deliver quality audio and at the same time the biggest comfort in order to get along with your workout. They also give a lot of attention to their noise canceling headphones where they’ve done an excellent job as well.

Another thing we must mention is that they are very good at making speakers. Car speakers are their domain of expertise, but also home speakers and wireless speakers. They did an exceptional job with creating durable wireless speakers with clear and natural sound. Lets have a closer look at some of their characteristics as well.

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Bose SoundLinkAudio

When it comes to audio, Bose is amazing at it. Their products deliver excellent sound with balanced frequencies. The sound coming out of their products is loud, clear and natural. They even offer some products that provide you with a punchier bass, for all you bass lovers out there. For example, the Bose SoundTouch 130 brings amazing quality to your listening experience.

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Their products are rich with features, some of which are very innovative. Especially the ones that combine exercise and entertainment. You’ll be surprised with some of the features they hold, making your workout more fun in the process.

Value for Money

They fall into the same category as Harman Kardon and naturally their products are worth every penny. You just got to know what you’re looking for and Bose will have you covered.


The design of Bose’s products is modern and durable. Most of their products are designed to be listened to on the go, so when creating them, they had that in mind.


There you have it people, we’ve covered both Bose and Harman Kardon. Two extremely good and well known audio manufacturers. Both are amazing but one is better at certain things than the other. After reading the content above, we can summarize that when it comes to indoor audio Harman Kardon is better, because most of their audio is designed for indoors and so is their classy and sleek design. If you on the other hand are into outdoors and exercise than you should probably go for some of the products Bose has to offer.

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