iLive Sound Bar Review

The iLive ITB296B is an awesome soundbar that comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can remotely enjoy your music with your Android devices like smartphones and tablets. There are obviously more features also, all of which we plan to cover in this review.

However, there are certain setbacks as well. Nothing major, but not to be overlooked. We prefer to check both sides of the coin and throw off any surprises. With that being said, the iLive soundbar did make it to our list of best soundbars ever, so don’t expect to hear us say too many bad things about it.

Without further ado, let’s go on with the iLive sound bar review.

iLive Sound Bar Overview

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
iLive ITB296B Sound Bar

The iLive ITB296B is a great soundbar for you if you desire a boost to the sound from your TV. Like a lot of other soundbars, the ITB296B can offer excellent sound improvement.

Technical Details

Great Bluetooth connectivity: Nothing to worry about in that area. We have seen many soundbars that have a short Bluetooth range or unreliable connectivity. For example, a few models we tested out recently had frequent disconnections without any apparent reasons. This is something that gets on your nerves too quickly, mostly because of the fact that you don’t know what’s happening.There is an RCA stereo, analog audio, and optical digital audio input.

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The cord length is something that might cause you trouble now. It’s shorter than usual. You might need to adjust your soundbar in unique positions in order to get it working. How much of a problem it will be, sadly, can’t be said in a review. It depends totally on your TV setup, room configuration, and so on. Still, we’re sure this might be one thing you will be struggling with after you buy the iLive ITB296B.

Placement is one thing we would like to point out here. The ITB296B is easy to set up because you can play around with its placement.

iLive ITB296B Sound Bar

Sound Quality and Output

The sound quality is of course very good. The huge improvement you get on your sound output is going to be absolutely lovable.

Besides that improvement, you will find that the sound quality has also become better. No surprise there, a soundbar is a good product to enhance the quality and output, both.

iLive Sound Bar Customer Feedback

There are better rated soundbars but they don’t give this boost to the sound and don’t come at this price (they are a bit more expensive). A good example to compare similar products is the Vizio SB2920-C6, you can see the review here.

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iLive ITB296B Sound BarOne of the best things about this sound bar is the easy setting up. That also makes the ITB296B a soundbar loved by customers a lot. Because people love simplicity. No one wants likes the irritation you get if you can’t set something up properly. The easy setting up makes the ITB296B a soundbar we recommend beyond flaws (although there are no serious ones in this case).

Another thing that customers love is the wall-mounting. A wall-mounted soundbar is not only better according to the utility it serves, but also looks better. For some reason, this point is a huge seller. You will find that using the soundbar is much easier when it can be mounted on the wall. You can also improve the sound through a good sense of direction if you do it right.

Wrapping Up the iLive Sound Bar Review

One of the best on the market for sure. The ITB296B is better than most other Insignia soundbars. We can’t help but think that it probably their best device in this price range when it comes to the sound output.

There is one little thing you should know. iLive soundbars are more geared towards Bluetooth connectivity with your devices and not towards TV sets. TV sets, in other words, are not the strong point with iLive soundbars. That doesn’t mean you don’t get an amazing boost to your sound from your TV system though. It was a point worth mentioning, that’s all.

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