Klipsch R-4B Review

Looking for a cool soundbar that comes with a good subwoofer? The Klipsch R-4B might be just the pair that you’ve been looking for.

Klipsch R-4B Overview

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Klipsch R-4B


The Klipsch R-4B soundbar is all black with a matte glare with a protective mesh on its front. It looks pretty powerful, but also elegant. This soundbar is 40 inches wide and it’s a true 2-way soundbar. You can spot the copper-colored Klipsch logo on the front side of the unit.

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When it comes to its speakers, there are two 3/4’’ tweeters and dual 2.5’’ woofers inside the Klipsch R-4B soundbar. The speakers are in the front side of the soundbar and they direct the sound toward the listener. The back of the soundbar is reserved for the connection ports.

Klipsch R-4B

The Klipsch R-4B subwoofer is also black, but it doesn’t have the matte glare that the soundbar has. It is shaped like a regular cuboid speaker, and you can spot its tiny legs on its bottom. The copper-colored Klipsch logo is placed at the top of the subwoofer and it makes the unit look more stylish.

Besides from the soundbar and subwoofer, you will also get a remote control in the shipping box. This remote control is tiny, but it is very practical and easy to use.

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The Klipsch R-4B soundbar and subwoofer were designed to fit beautifully in your home theatre. You can use this sound system to watch movies, listen to music, play games on your TV, and more. Whatever sound your Klipsch R-4B is about to produce, you can be sure that it will do it very well.


The Klipsch R-4B soundbar and subwoofer have some interesting features to offer, so let’s explore them here.

Options to Connect the Soundbar to Your Devices

The Klipsch R-4B soundbar is designed with multiple ports. These ports allow the soundbar to connect to your TV and other devices in various ways. This allows you the flexibility to choose the most suitable way to connect the soundbar to a device. The available inputs on the back of the soundbar are; a Stereo Analog, an Optical digital and a USB type A.

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Klipsch R-4BBluetooth Compatible

Another way to connect the Klipsch R-4B soundbar to your devices is via Bluetooth. This way, you can avoid messy wires. The Bluetooth connection is very reliable, and you’ll have no problems breaking up or being fuzzy.

Sound Modes Available

The Klipsch R-4B sound system comes with three available sound modes. They are the Virtual Surround Mode, the Voice Enhance Mode, and the Night Mode.

The Virtual Surround Mode will let you enjoy surround sound output. Then, the Voice Enhance Mode is there to optimize the sound of the vocals and make them clearer. Finally, the Night Mode on the Klipsch R-4B will allow you to customize the sound and make it quieter.

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With the three modes, you’ll have flexibility in adjusting the sound to your requirements for any particular situation.

True 2-Way Soundbar

The true 2-way Klipsch R-4B soundbar has four speakers in total. It comes with two textile dome tweeters that have 90˚ x 90˚ Tractrix horns. This design increases the quality of sound that speakers produce. The double woofers, on the other hand, also have a design that makes them sound great.

With these quality speakers, you are guaranteed to have a nice sonic experience and enjoy your movie, game, or music.

Wireless Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-4B subwoofer is a 6.5’’ down-firing unit. It connects to the soundbar by wireless connection with the help of the 2.4 GHz technology. Therefore, you can find a perfect place for your wireless subwoofer further away from the soundbar.

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This is another way in which the Klipsch R-4B sound system allows you to be flexible and choose where you want to place each unit.

Built-In Dolby Digital Decoder

Klipsch R-4BThe Klipsch R-4B soundbar comes with a built-in Dolby Digital Decoder. This technology allows the soundbar to produce great sound which is clear, detailed, and powerful. Furthermore, the Dolby Digital technology helps the soundbar sound great even in larger rooms.

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The Dolby Digital Decoder greatly impacts the quality of the sound that you get with the Klipsch R-4B sound system. Therefore, you can be sure that this soundbar and subwoofer will produce good- quality sound.


When it comes to performance, the Klipsch R-4B soundbar and subwoofer perform well in terms of the sound quality. However, these two units also perform well when it comes to responding to your commands.

The soundbar produce great, crisp, clear sound. The tweeters and the technology behind them provide nice and warm higher-frequency sounds. What’s great about this is that those higher tones won’t be disturbing to your ears. The woofers in the soundbar, on the other hand, are great at producing high-quality lower frequencies.

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Of course, the nice Klipsch R-4B subwoofer has a fair share in the overall performance of this sound system. The subwoofer does very well at producing clear sounds that fall in the range of the lowest frequencies. The sounds are not muddy, but detailed, and there no trace of annoying buzzing. You can also place the subwoofer pretty far away from the soundbar without any connection problems.

The Klipsch R-4B delivers when it comes to both performance and durability.


Overall, the Klipsch R-4B has a nice design, good features and performance. If this sounds like a soundbar worth investing in, you should consider this sound system. We hope our Klipsch R-4B review will help you make an informed decision.

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