Sony MDR V6 vs 7506

Music is a very personal thing, and depending on your mood it can make or ruin your day. It is there to comfort you on dark days, and it is a great companion on trips and walks. However, all types of music need to have a good audio device to bring them to life. In today’s era, we have incredible quality headphones that can be easily connected to any device. Some are wired while others are wireless using Bluetooth connection. There are also over-ear and in-ear versions. You can even get a single ear-piece for talking to your friends or coworkers. Still, most of these different types and brands of headphones can get you confused. This is where this Sony MDR V6 vs 7506 review comes to assist.

I chose to do this review because as far as headphones go, Sony is one of the best brands. But even if you have already decided that for your next purchase you should look for Sony headphones, this doesn’t help a lot. There are a lot of different models with hundreds of different styles and features. In a previous article we also reviewed the Sony MDR 1000X against the BOSE QC35. Still, it seems like the old-timer Sony MDR V6 and the 7506 are in a constant competition. So, here is what you need to know for these two audiophile headphones. Sony MDR V6 vs 7506:

1. Sony MDR V6

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Sony MDR V6

When we talk about classic headphones, we are always mentioning the Sony MDR V6. In fact, these headphones are older than a lot of the people using the internet. It was initially created back in 1985. Impressive huh? And yet, it managed to stay on the market for so long.

Sony MDR V6As a model, it even inspired a lot of the future models including the Sony MDR-V600 and the Sony MDR-7506! Don’t worry, even if you cannot find it on official Sony websites, you can easily get it from Amazon.

Yes, people from all backgrounds still love the audio quality of a Sony MDR V6. A lot of audio mixers, consumers, and people working in the sound industry are happy with an older but solid model that sounds and feels right. What I really like about the Sony MDR V6 is that it is very classy and offers some decent sound quality too. Especially since it is a budget-friendly option. It endured the past two and a half decades with decency, and this means a lot. First of all, although it doesn’t have any fancy, modern design, the Sony MDR V6 offers great comfort. It can be easily used for longer gaming sessions and walks.

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In addition to this, it has a very respectable sound quality. It makes it clear why Sony as a brand has withstood the test of time too. Design-wise, these headphones are old-timey, but they are golden. With a simple, basic, studio design, they are great at serving their purpose. They feature a wide headband and significantly large ear cups. These are padded, but the material is not as good as modern materials we are used to. They are also very durable, but I wouldn’t suggest them for sport and dynamic activities.


  • Straightforward, over-ear design
  • High-quality sound
  • Durable construction
  • Very comfortable for longer use
  • Lightweight

  • Basic design

2. Sony MDR 7506

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
Sony MDR 7506

As opposed to the Sony MDR V6, we have the 7506 pair of headphones. Just like the V6, these are also great for longer use. However, they have a smaller advantage that they can be easily used for outdoor activities. Their headband is more comfortable and sturdier.

Sony MDR 7506Sony MDR 7506 headphones can be found everywhere, even in smaller professional recording studios. Just like their counterpart, the V6, they are also budget friendly. This is why they have multiple purposes where they come in handy. If you want to start creating music, play games with cool audio, or have a project where headphones are needed – these are the ones. They are very versatile and with high sound quality. I mentioned business as it makes sense that all headphones used in companies have a need for longer cables. This problem is solved with the 7506. However, if you are taking them for a walk, you might find the long coiled cable a bit annoying.

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Design wise, it is notable from the first time you hold them they feel a bit plastic, but, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes, plastic is prone to cracking and breaking, but, as expected with Sony products, they are made of high-quality plastic. In addition to this, plastic as a main material serves to make the headphones lightweight. And even if they break, they are so budget friendly, you can afford to replace them. I liked the fact that they can be folded into a compact size. To open them, you just push the ear cups towards the headband. All in all, they are very comfortable. They don’t have memory foam padding, but you can easily add that if you want to go the extra mile.


  • Very thick and long cable
  • Excellent for outdoor activities
  • Can be used for business tasks
  • Good frequency response

  • Non-removable cable

Sony MDR V6 vs 7506 – Which One Is Better?

I can’t say they are very different, the two headphones share a similar overall sound, but some differences are significant, so it’s just a matter of picking the one that matches your needs and taste.

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However, I’d suggest the Sony MDR V6 for those who value the quality of old-time sound. It remains impeccable without need of improvement, even now. The V6 is also great for gaming and for listening to your favorite tracks.

The 7506 on the other hand is the better option for those who like to have a multi-purpose pair of headphones. They can easily be your companion on walks or during bus drives. They have a decent design and are budget friendly.

These are two excellent headphones that offer distinct audio quality differences. It’s less about which one is better and more about which sound you prefer. One thing is for sure, if you value sound quality and comfort, both of these headphones should be at the top of your list.


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