Treblab XR100 Wireless Earbuds – A Brief Review

There are so many wireless earbuds available on the market today that finding quality earbuds can be a struggle. Many companies advertise their headphones as the best ones available, but how to know which companies to trust?

One way to know if the product is of good quality is to see whether it is popular among people. This is why we decided to tell you more about the popular Treblab XR100 wireless earbuds.

Treblab XR100

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
Treblab XR100

These earbuds are one of the most demanded pair of headphones everywhere around the world. If you want to find out why they are so popular, read this Treblab XR100 review.

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These headphones are made entirely of plastic and are available in black, purple, white, and baby pink. You can spot Treblab’s logo on the side of each earbud.

The Treblab XR100 wireless earbuds are made to satisfy your sports and workout demands. They are anatomically designed to achieve a comfortable fit, the sweatproof and water-resistant XR100 earbuds won’t fall out no matter how energetic you are.

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The Treblab XR100 headphones come with multiple sets of soft ear tips in different sizes. These earbuds have protective ear clips that will keep them in place while you are jogging or working out. Their cable is also not too long to dangle on your neck and pull your headphones out of your ears when in an intensive workout. With these earbuds, you’ll be able to engage to your favorite activity.

Besides from being comfortable, these earbuds are also sweat proof and very durable. The plastic they are made of is sturdy and lightweight enough to sustain a damage if you accidently drop them.

The control buttons are located on the right earbud. You can use the multi-function button to turn your headphones on or off, take or end a call, or play and pause a track. The rocker button, on the other hand, will serve you to adjust the volume or switch through tracks.


Bluetooth Headphones

The Treblab XR100 headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your device. This means that you will no longer need to face the mess of your tangled wired headphones each time you want to use them. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection will not affect the sound quality in a negative way.

These headphones have an operation range of 33 feet which comes in handy when you’re at the gym or exercising at home. You can count on a strong and stable signal between your device and your earbuds within this range.

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Passive Noise Cancellation

Treblab XR100The Treblab XR100 earbuds have a good passive noise cancelling design. The ear tips that come with the headphones isolate the background noise by being ergonomic and seal well in your ears.  

Also, the protective clips don’t let the headphones gradually move while you’re exercising. Furthermore, the cable of these headphones will not pull the earbuds out of your ears. Obviously, the manufacturers of these earbuds took good care of all factors and produced a solid set of headphones for active people.

Battery Life

These earbuds have a great battery life, up to 8 hours of listening time when fully charged. They also take about 2 hours to fully charge. With 8 hours of playback time, you’re always ready to go. Isn’t it a dream to forget about charging for at least as long as your workout lasts?

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Integrated Microphone

The built-in microphone that is part of the Treblab XR100 lets you take and make calls in a hand-free manner. That’s great for those times when you’re exercising away from your phone, and you want to answer an incoming call.


The performance of the Treblab XR100 is very good. These headphones sound surprisingly good for their price. The bass is powerful but not distorted. This will make you feel pumped for your workout.

The mids and treble, on the other hand, sound reasonably good as well. The mids are pretty deep and detailed, and the treble is decent. You will not hear any distortion at higher volumes and the higher-frequency sounds will not pierce your ears. Furthermore, the noise isolation of the headphones is great, so you will not experience any external noise.


  • Good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great passive noise cancellation Good battery life
  • Integrated microphone

  • Leaks some sound into the environment on high volume


We briefly explored what makes the Trablab XR100 wireless earbuds stand out from the rest of the earbuds in their price range on the market.

These headphones have a nice design, good features, and a reasonable performance. They are designed for people who like to exercise and listen to music at the same time. Also, even though they are good-quality headphones, they come at a very affordable price.

Hopefully this Treblab XR100 review helped you learn more about these headphones. If you think these earbuds meet your needs, you should consider buying them.

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