JBL Xtreme vs Bose

Bluetooth speakers have been a rising trend lately and there are loads of different types of Bluetooth speakers on the market. You can find everything, starting from a small compact speaker, which usually comes with a new phone, to the huge monster Bluetooth speakers that can easily take the place of a full stereo system. The speakers we’re comparing today fit probably somewhere higher in this array. We’ve put together a head-to-head comparison, get ready for JBL Xtreme vs Bose.

Both of these are in the same price category and both are amazing. However, we’re here to check in detail their design, features and sound quality, so let’s get on with it!

1. JBL Xtreme

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
JBL Xtreme

Our first contender is mainly focused on build. The purpose of this speaker is to be used in the great outdoors. Naturally the sound is amazing, but what makes this product stand out is it’s fun design and the waterproof feature.


The JBL Xtreme has a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and has lots of tricks up its sleeve. Three devices can be connected to this speaker and the speaker will listen to the one which sends the latest signal. Furthermore, it also includes a 2A USB out and two 1A USB outs. In addition, this speaker can also double as a power bank.

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JBL XtremeAnother amazing feature is that this speaker will integrate with your phone perfectly, there is a noise and echo canceling microphone built in the speaker to ensure that. Probably the most stand out feature is the JBL Connect technology, which allows multiple that have this support to connect wirelessly.


Like we mentioned above, this speaker is designed to be durable. The amazing people at JBL managed to merge together both function and form in to one amazing speaker. The design is fun and modern, ensuring that it will always stand out and be eye-catching. This speaker has the same cylinder design that’s iconic to JBL. Probably the most convenient addition are the two metal hooks on which you can put a strap on the speaker.

Probably the biggest strength of this speaker is that it’s spalshproof, which means that it can handle a bit of water. After all, it is designed for the great outdoors.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound, this isn’t your loudest speaker, however the quality is great. Even though the frequency response is only down to 70 Hz, it doesn’t meant that it lacks the low-end. JBL solved this by adding two passive bass radiators, which enhance the low end. This trick helps the speaker in additional ways too. Because the low-end is handled well, that means there is space for the drivers to optimize.

The midrange is decent, however it is not as smooth as one would expect. The top end is better however, neither harsh nor shrill. But in the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal taste, so some people might like this.

2. Bose Soundlink 3

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Bose Soundlink 3

The Bose Soundlink 3 is completely different from the JBL Xtreme. Despite the fact that both are in the same price range, they are very much different. Like we learned above, JBL are all about durability, while Bose are primarily focused on design and making a speaker that sounds amazing and looks amazing. Just try not to drop it in water.


One very cool feature about this speaker is the detachable power cable, making it convenient for travel. The power adapter is able to fold flat, which makes it easier to carry. Thought it might not sound that much, but it will save you a lot of stress when you need that precious space while packing.

Bose 3While we’re at the subject of power, that is the only way to charge this speaker. You can also charge it in your car via a 12V adaptor. There is also an aux connector on the back for manual connection.

Unlike the JBL, Bose does not have the multiple device support option. Only a single device may be paired at a time.


The design of the Bose is modern and clean. It’s in a rectangle form, with clear lines. On the top of the speaker, there are six buttons. It includes a Bluetooth button, a power button, aux switcher, mute button, volume down and volume up button.

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The lack of smart phone controls might be a low point, but there is certainly no excuse for not having a pause/play button. Furthermore, there is no smart phone integration, none.

The body is made from plastic and metal. It is not durable as the JBL, but it does have a more elegant feel to it. Probably that is one of the biggest differences between the two.

Sound Quality

This is where Bose stands out, the sound is amazing. It offers a pure and rich sound with a smooth response.

It’s not about the bass like in the JBL, there is more of a balance here. The punch of the bass is there, however there is still clarity in the speaker.

The midrange is smooth and much better than the JBL. The top end is balanced as well, offering natural and clear sound overall.

jbl xtreme vs bose 3


Having gone through our JBL Xtreme vs Bose review, we can safely say that even though both are at the same price range, they offer entirely different things. For instance, if you are looking for a durable Bluetooth speaker, then the JBL Xtreme is a more reasonable selection. But if sound is more important and you don’t plan to go wild with your speaker, then the Bose Soundlink 3 is the way to go. You may also want to read our article Megablast Vs Megaboom, both speakers offer similar traits with what we have seen here.

JBL Xtreme vs Bose? In the end, it all comes down to your needs, sound quality expectations and connectivity criteria.