Megablast vs Megaboom

Are you looking to improve your audio quality? Tired of wires and basic speakers with nothing new to offer? Don’t want to attend lame parties with silent music? Luckily for you – wireless speakers exist and I’ve found some of the best ones. They can easily help you save any party! After all, today the wireless, Bluetooth speakers are very popular and the manufacturers are forced to make them stronger and better. You don’t even have to overpay for a good device either. They come at very reasonable prices for that matter, but you need to choose wisely. Among the best are those that I’ll be reviewing now of course. I’ve been having the debate of Megablast vs Megaboom for a very long time, and I couldn’t make up my mind.

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I decided to be very thorough and offer a full, in depth research on these two, same as the comparison we did on our article JBL Flip 4 VS Charge 3 found here. So, if you are having the debate in your head and don’t know how to make a right decision – here is how the battle of Megablast vs Megaboom ended in my studio.

1. Megablast – Overall Review

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10

The Megablast became famous in the past few years. It seems that anyone heard of it. After all, at the time it aired, it was a groundbreaking device. Firstly, it was the smartest and loudest speaker coming from Ultimate Ears. What I really loved about the Megablast is the exact same thing that amazed me from the moment it aired. 

MegablastIt has a built-in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. At the time it aired, this was something that wasn’t supposed to be easily accessible. More importantly, it was, and still is, really surprising that it comes at a low price range.

Another important thing about the Megablast is that it is a 5-star Bluetooth speaker. It is an overall very easy unit to use and the music and sounds it produces are great. So, asides from the good looks, this speaker surely packs a punch. The Alexa voice control is just a plus to the overall amazing sound quality of this unit.  From the first time I laid my eyes on it I noticed that the whole design I simply amazing. It is a portable speaker with a lot of features that are hard to find. It is sleek, stylish and comes in a very compact package, especially if you take into consideration the list of features and its power. It is also waterproof (IP67 rated). Basically this means that it can handle rain or even a dip in the pool. However, it is easily noticeable that the Megablast and the Megaboom are very similar. Still, there are other very significant differences between them.

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Megablast’s battery life is excellent – it can work for 16 hours. However, the Megaboom’s battery is more durable, handling about 20 hours of working. Though, the Megaboom isn’t Alexa powered which is a huge difference.


  • Dynamic, detailed sound
  • Punchy rhythm
  • Alexa enabled
  • Precise basslines
  • Handles high volumes perfectly
  • Impeccable build and design

  • Lean presentation
  • Only 16 hours of battery life

2. Megaboom – Overall Review

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10

In my debate between Megablast vs Megaboom, there is a lot that kept me switching opinions. At the beginning, I was sure that I’d choose Megablast over the Megaboom since Megablast is powered by Alexa which was a very convenient thing for me. However, soon after I’ve done most of my research I found out that the benefit of the doubt was quite reasonable.

The Megaboom has a lot to offer as well. It can be found in several different color options and is great for those who value good design as well.

Just like the Megablast, this one is lightweight. Specifically, it is 8 inches tall and it is easily transportable. With ease, you can carry it around on different parties or in your backpack for events. What I really loved about this one is that it is also waterproof, IPX7 certified and it can be fully submersed into a water pool without damaging the unit. You should also know that the rubber gasket covers the USB and audio ports. This one is also integrated in the device and is quite easy to open it too.


However, the most important part of any unit is the sound quality. Luckily, the Megaboom doesn’t disappoint here either. It has a 360-degree sound that easily covers all areas. Also, the bass is very deep and it can handle different types of music. It is needless to say that the Bluetooth connection is impeccable and the unit works perfectly fine. And, together with the amazing PartyUp technology from Ultimate Ears you can wirelessly connect more than 50 UE speakers at the same time. It is like a dream come true, right?


  • IPX7 certification
  • Very lightweight
  • Long battery life – 20 hours and ultra-fast micro USB charging
  • UE Megaboom app for controlling

  • Doesn’t have a carrying case

Conclusion: Megablast vs Megaboom – Which Is Better

The decision between these two wasn’t easy, I have to be honest. They are both great and they come from a brand that is well-known between audiophiles for offering great quality. However, the last decision that had to be made was my personal preference.

Am I a person that genuinely cares about hi-tech and a versatile list of features? If I am, then the perfect solution for me would be the Megablast. This unit offers a lot of features, a good design and a decent sound quality. Moreover, it seems that if you really care about having Alexa voice control, this is the perfect option for you.

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However, if I am a person that likes simple yet stylish devices that can offer great sound quality and overall impeccable performance, the Megaboom should be in my shopping cart. The Megaboom has a very nice battery with a decent list of features and it does everything that a portable Bluetooth speaker should do.

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