WaterBoom 360 Review

This is a Bluetooth speaker that can take a splash. Being in water is often fun. Going on a vacation during the summer usually means that you’ll be around water. Swimming in pools, being on a boat in that beautiful lake, sea, or ocean – all of that is what summer and joy are about. A waterproof speaker will come handy, which is why we decided to look at one of the popular units and do the WaterBoom 360 review.

Activities around water or in water are present in our everyday lives as well. One of these activities is, of course, taking a shower or a bath. Furthermore, watering the plants, washing the car, or just relaxing in the hot tub in the yard are things we commonly need to do or enjoy doing.

WaterBoom 360 Review

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
WaterBoom 360

What if we told you that each one of the activities that have to do with water can be even more enjoyable? The WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker can make activities around water more fun. In this article, we’ll be reviewing this speaker and tell you more about its design, features, and performance.


The good appearance of a speaker is always a plus. Therefore, we’ll start the review by looking at the design of the WaterBoom 360 speaker.

The first thing you’ll notice about this Bluetooth speaker is that it has a circular shape and it is coated in rubber. The speaker is quite large, and its grille is located on the front of the speaker. On the top of the speaker, you’ll spot a safety hook that can be pretty useful for hanging your speaker somewhere.

The WaterBoom 360 speaker also has a USB port and an SD card slot on its side. The USB port allows you to recharge the internal battery of your speaker. On the other hand, the SD card slot provides the option to insert your SD card and listen to your favorite music.

Overall, the WaterBoom 360 looks quite charming. It comes in different colors and it would be a good speaker to have when you’re near water. Furthermore, you can always count on its portability and durability, so transportation and longevity aren’t issues for the WaterBoom 360. 

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WaterBoom 360However, this speaker offers you more than just a good design. The WaterBoom 360 is a Bluetooth speaker that comes with a set of features that we believe you’ll find interesting. Therefore, let us explore the features of this Bluetooth speaker, what can do and why they’re very popular as portable speakers.


When we started the WaterBoom 360 review we quickly realized that the features of the WaterBoom 360 are what make this Bluetooth speaker one of the best options currently available on the market. Overall, its features allow the speaker to perform when exposed to water and provide with great sound quality.

Great Sound

Since it is a speaker, the most important feature on the list will have to do with the sound. The WaterBoom 360 is a speaker with a design that enables you to hear sounds coming from 360 degrees. This means that no matter where you place your waterproof speaker, the music will have a uniform distribution to all directions.


From the aspect of safety and durability, the WaterBoom 360 is a waterproof speaker. This means that you can take the speaker with you while showering, swimming, or being around water in general. The speaker won’t fail to perform even if you let it stay one meter under water for 30 minutes.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

Aside for being waterproof, this speaker also connects via Bluetooth. The WaterBoom 360 is capable of maintaining a great Bluetooth connection at a distance of up to 100 ft. Therefore, you’ll be able to connect your devices to this speaker and listen to your music, even when those devices are not waterproof.

WaterBoom 360Compatible With Many Devices and OSs

Speaking of devices and connectivity, this gadget is compatible with almost every device that can bond via Bluetooth. This is mainly because the speaker has no trouble connecting to devices with different operative systems. The WaterBoom 360 works with Android, iOS, Siri, and Google Assistant, and as we all know, having a flexible speaker is always helpful.


This speaker, gives you the option to answer calls when connected to your smartphone. The WaterBoom 360 has a built-in microphone which helps you to stay connected to people while having fun at the same time.

Great Batery

Of course, it would’ve been impossible for speakers to function if they aren’t powered in some way. In the case of the WaterBoom 360, the power to the speaker is delivered through a Li-ion battery. This battery is rechargeable, with an extended life of up to 6 hours, and it takes only 2.5 hours to charge.

FM Radio

One more feature that’s a nice perk the speaker has to offer it’s the ability play FM radio. What’s worth mentioning here is that your favorite radio music will sound great on your WaterBoom 360.

As you can see, the WaterBoom 360 is a Bluetooth speaker full of surprises when it comes to features. However, ultimately, what matters the most is the performance of the gadget. Now that we’ve explained the features, let’s continue reviewing the speaker by talking about its performance.

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The WaterBoom 360 does perform very well, and it does work the way that it’s supposed to work. The sound quality and durability of the product are amazing for this type of speaker.

The speaker produce a clear and stable audio output. Overall, the WaterBoom 360 does perform well, and it won’t let you down when you’re around water.


  • Great quality of sound
  • Waterproof
  • Allows you to take calls
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with many devices and operative systems

  • A bit of a weak bass

Is the WaterBoom 360 Speaker Worth Buying?

Considering its features and performance, we can see many positive aspects of buying the WaterBoom 360.

The speaker is waterproof and very durable, which makes it a great gadget to use during your holiday and everyday life. It also sounds pretty great and loud, which means that you’ll have the freedom to move around and still have solid sound. If a speaker can offer you both freedom and a great sound experience, it is then worth buying.

The life of the battery is also good, and so is the time that the battery takes to be charged.  This means that you’ll be able to use it for longer periods of time before you need to charge it. With a speaker like this, you’ll be able to listen to your music for longer periods of time. This means that the speaker won’t stop working in the middle of your activity.

WaterBoom 360

Furthermore, its great compatibility with other devices is nothing but an extra plus. Since it’s so flexible, you’ll probably be able to use the speaker on many devices that you currently use.

Ultimately, the WaterBoom 360 performs very well, and it’s worth buying.


We hope with this WaterBoom 360 review you will be able to decide if this little waterproof bluetooth speaker is what you are looking in a portable speaker. We believe the WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker has a lot to offer and it comes with an affordable price tag. We encourage you to consider this speaker if you are on the market looking for a reliable and rugged Bluetooth speaker. You’ll have fun without rain or water being an obstacle.

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